TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013 PV公開!

TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013 ¨Possibility of Ideas ...



TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013

The goal of our upcoming TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013 event—”Possibility of Ideas”, to be held at Kyoto University of Art and Design, is to stimulate the university community which will bear the future of Japan and to create an event that will bring together a diverse group of people to share their ideas with all of Japan.


Date : June 30, 2013 (SUN)


Livestream and Program : http://www.tedxkyoto.com/youth/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tedxyouth.kyoto

Twitter: @TEDxYouthKyoto


Animation : 千合洋輔

Camera : Tsuyoshi Ishihara

Photos: Javier Montaño & Nicolas Guarin

Music : Sevish - My Girl is Blue

Editing : Nicolas Guarin