TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013 Speaker: TAKEUCHI Yukiko




平成3年6月15日、日本舞踊若柳流 四世家元 若柳壽延(じゅえん)の長女として誕生。平成7年(当時4歳)で初舞台、長唄「菊づくし」を披露。以降、数々の舞台経験を重ね、平成17年(当時14歳)には、若柳流名取免状を修得し、若柳佑輝子を襲名する。若者の間に日本舞踊を普及させたいという思いから、日本中の公演に参加し、日本舞踊を紹介する活動に努めている。現在は京都を中心に活動しており、京都光華高等学校で日本舞踊の講師を務めている。


Ritsumeikan University, Faculty of Literature, 4th year student

Born on June 15th, 1991 into Wakayagi-ryu, the head family of Nihonbuyo (Traditional Japanese Dance), as the first daughter of Juen Wakayagi, Takeuchi performed her first professional dance, Nagauta “Kiku Zukushi”, at 4 years of age. Since then, she has performed in numerous Nihonbuyo events around Japan. Takeuchi received a certificate as accredited master in Nihonbuyo and obtained her stage name, Wakayagi Yukiko, at the age of 17. In hopes of spreading Nihonbuyo amongst the younger generation, she is taking an active part in introducing Japanese traditional dance through her performances. She works as a Nihonbuyo instructor at Kyoto Koka Senior High School.