What's "Curation"? (English)

Hi everyone!

As part of the Japanese tradition, it is impossible to miss the Golden Week!
The consecutive national holidays provides a great occasion to go on a trip for a few days and enjoy a good break!





Today, we would like to introduce the Curation Team, which plays quite an important role in the whole team.


【Curation team】

The meaning of the word “Curation” comes from the word “Curator” which refers to people who are responsible of taking care of places such as libraries and museums.

In order to understand the link between the word Curation and the Curation team’s work, let us use our imagination!



Imagine that the world is a huge library in which each person in the world is a book itself. That’s billions of books! Each book contains hundreds of information, so it is an unlimited resource. 

In this library, you can find the Curators whose job is to look into this mountain of information to find a book that could interest other people. When they find the information needed, the Curators next job is to maintain contact with their book and transform the essence of the book into an amazing Talk that people from all around the world will enjoy !




As you understand, these books are the Speakers and the Curators are the Curation Team. In this huge library, everybody can gather information that may interest the Curation Team. When the Curators finds someone’s idea interesting, the Curation Team would ask them to be a speaker of the event, and makes constant contact with them. Not only are they responsible to find the Speakers, but it is also their responsibility to work together to create a presentation so as to be able to convey the essence of their ideas in the most effective way.

TEDx events must be sophisticated by the close connections between the Speaker and the Curation Team’s members.




Like all other teams, the Curation Team is essential to the Youth Team. And since this event gathers students from universities all over Kyoto, the Curation Team is composed of students from different universities with different ideas and different hopes in their life!

The Youth Team’s strength is in its diversity and its motivation to create an event that suits you ! Next time we will give an insight about the Community Team!

See you there!