What is TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013?

TEDxYouth@Kyotoの舞台は「学生のまち」京都です。なぜ京都が「学生のまち」と呼ばれるのか? それは単に、市内に30を越える大学があるとか、全人口における学生の割合が全国で最も高いとかいう数字が物語る事実だけが理由ではありません。



TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013 テーマは「Possibility of Ideas」


Universities are a diverse place where people can meet and interact with interesting people majoring in a variety of fields. A place where students are given countless opportunities to challenge themselves, make mistakes, learn from them, and realize the possibilities that they hold. 

Universities share the same values as TED – that individuals involved have their own expertise and that the organization as a whole is as dynamic and diverse as those individuals. Universities, too, have the potential to become a platform to spread innovating ideas and strengthen their community. Kyoto, a well-know university city, is the perfect place for the university community to explore the possibilities of ideas. 

TEDxYouth@Kyoto made up of students from a variety of Kyoto universities aims to bring together a TEDx event, where participants and speakers alike will explore the possibilities of their ideas and share these ideas with the local community and beyond in order to revitalize and energize Japan.