Speaker Audition Finalists



【TEDxYouth@Kyoto Speaker Audition Finalists】


Eddy Joe Reber

"How Footwear could contribute to a Sustainable Future! -Decreasing environmental impact and improving a stagnating economy through "Green" shoes-" "



眞守真輝 / Masaki Mamori

ノータイムポチリ / NO TIME POCHIRI



Arjun Hassard

"Pushing the tech envelope into energy policy Harnessing 140 characters and other tech to enter the world of energy policy dynamics"



中村暖 / Dan Nakamura


"Unite Japan through arts —there`s no limitation of expression"



Isabel Cabana

"Foreigners and the discourse of Monoethnicity: the case of Latin immigrants in Japan"



今村郁美 / Ikumi Imamura

"Japanese culture, Kamishibai, go beyond Japan for the world peace."