TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013 Speaker: MURABAYASHI Yuki



退蔵院 絵師

妙心寺退蔵院 絵師。兵庫県神戸市出身。京都造形芸術大学情報デザイン学科卒業、同大学院芸術研究科修士課程修了。2008年に「AMUSE ARTJAM in Kyoto」グランプリ、「JEANS FACTORY ART AWARD 2008」優秀賞、2009年に「GALLERY RAKU 2010」プロジェクト賞を受賞。学生時代は少女漫画を基調とした絵画や、巨大なドローイングを中心に描き、精力的に活動。2011年、文化財の保存と若手芸術家の育成を目的に、妙心寺退蔵院と同大が共同で進める「退蔵院方丈襖絵プロジェクト」の絵師に抜擢される。400年前の絵師と同じように寺に住み込み、日々修行を重ねて禅への理解を深めつつ、退蔵院方丈(本堂)の襖絵64面に水墨画で挑む。


Resident artist of Taizo-in temple in Myoshinji Zen school

Murabayashi was born in Kobe and is currently a resident artist of Taizo-in temple in the Myoshinji Zen school. After graduating from the Department of Information Design at Kyoto University of Art and Design, she continued her studies in Art Research at Kyoto Graduate School of Art and Design. Murabayashi was awarded the Grand Prize at “AMUSE ARTJAM in Kyoto”, Award of Excellence at “JEANS FACTORY ART AWARD 2008”, and a Project Award at “GALLERY RAKU 2010”. During her school years, Murabayashi focused on shojo-manga based art and massive drawings. In 2011, in hopes of preserving Japanese cultural heritage and educating young artists, she began to take part in the “Taizo-in Hojo Fusuma-e Painting Project”, organized by Taizo-in temple and Kyoto University of Art and Design. Throughout the duration of this project, just like the painters of 400 years ago, she will be living in the temple while she completes the 64 sliding door paintings, using traditional black ink.