TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013 Speaker: KAWAGUCHI Kana




1991年大阪府生まれ。大阪市立大学卒。14歳の時、ホームレス問題に出会い、ホームレス襲撃事件の根絶を目指して、講演活動や100人規模のワークショップを開催。高校2年生時にはボランティア親善大使として渡米し、ワシントンD.C.での国際会議に参加した。大学2年生の4月にNPO法人「Homedoor」を設立。ホームレスや生活保護受給者への就労リハビリを提供する、シェアサイクル「HUBchari」事業で52名へ雇用創出を行う。CVG経済産業大臣賞、大学生OF THE YEAR 2011初代グランプリ、日経
WOMAN OF THE YEAR若手リーダー部門等を受賞。


President of NPO, Homedoor

Kawaguchi was born in Osaka in 1991 and graduated from Osaka City University. She is the President of the NPO, Homedoor, an NPO helping the homeless. At age 14, Kawaguchi discovered the problems homeless people face and organized lectures and workshops with over 100 participants to address this problem to the public. In her 2nd year of high school, she became a Volunteer Goodwill Ambassador and participated in an international conference in Washington, D.C. While a university student she founded Homedoor and “HUBchari”, a project to help homeless and those receiving livelihood protection to find jobs, ultimately creating 52 jobs. Kawaguchi has been awarded the CVG Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Award, Japan University Student of the Year Award of 2011, and the Nikkei Women of the Year Award (Youth Leader Section).