TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013 Speaker: IKKYU






Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, 3rd year student

IKKYU, born and raised in Kyoto, is a student at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.  She recently received first prize in  "A Pair Presentation Contest on Japanese Culture" sponsored by Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, presenting on the art of Kamishibai (Japanese Storytelling). Fascinated by the Kamishibai style, she began studying the craft to become a Japanese storyteller, joining the Kamishibai group "Yassan Ichiza".  On the 2nd, 12th, 22nd, and 23rd of every month, IKKYU performs Kamishibai at Kiyomizu Temple, in both English and Japanese, with her seniors. In the future she hopes to travel to different countries to bring smiles around the world through Kamishibai and sharing this traditional style of storytelling.