TEDxYouth@Kyoto 2013 Speaker: Emma Harrison





3歳までイギリス、6歳までオーストラリアで過ごす。小学校入学以降、大阪、愛知、マンチェスターを転々とし、中学校入学と同時に兵庫に定住する。インドネシア、スリランカ、ケニアにて国際交流・国際協力事業に参加。大学入学以来、「日本ケニア学生会議」の代表として、ケニアと日本の学生の交流事業の運営に関わる。日本とアフリカの若者の声を世の中に伝える「TICAD V 学生プロジェクト」に携わり、今年6月にはTICAD V 本会合・サイドイベントに登壇。現在は休学し東京にて1年間「NGO日本国際ボランティアセンター(JVC)調査研究・政策提言部門インターン」「UNHCR渉外インターン」として活動中。

Emma Harrison

Doshisya University, Policy studies, 4th year student

Emma spent the first three years of her life in England and the next three in Australia. She lived in Osaka, Aichi and Manchester during her elementary years and settled in Hyogo prefecture as she entered into junior high school. As a student, Emma took part in international exchange activities and cooperation program in Indonesia, Sri-Lanka and Kenya. She was a representative of the “Japan-Kenya Student Conference” and took part in organizing international exchange activities program between Japan and Kenya. She is currently working to spread the voices of young people through the TICAD V  (Tokyo International Conference on African Development V) student project and will take speak at the main conference and side event of TICAD V in June this year. Emma is currently spending her year in Tokyo as an intern at Japan International Volunteer Center, Advocacy team, and UNHCR(United Nations High Commission on Refugees), External relations.